Standing Jesus Blue Water Jade Pendant


Divine Guardian: Standing Jesus Blue Water Jade Pendant

Introduce a sense of divine protection and guidance into your life with the Divine Guardian: Standing Jesus Blue Water Jade Pendant. This pendant beautifully features the figure of Jesus standing, carved into the serene and mystical blue water jade, symbolizing steadfast guidance, love, and eternal support.

  • Symbol of Divine Presence: The standing figure of Jesus is depicted with open arms, offering a representation of unconditional love, guidance, and protection. This powerful image serves as a daily reminder of the divine support that surrounds us.
  • Calming Blue Water Jade: Selected for its soothing qualities and deep, reflective hue, the blue water jade enhances the spiritual significance of the pendant. The stone's tranquil color mirrors the peaceful and protective nature of Jesus' presence, creating a piece that's both comforting and uplifting.
  • Eternal Emblem of Faith: Ideal for those who draw strength from their faith and seek a constant reminder of divine care, this pendant merges spiritual symbolism with the natural beauty of jade. Its elegant portrayal of Jesus in a standing posture is a timeless symbol of hope and divine watchfulness.

Embrace the comforting presence of your faith. The Divine Guardian: Standing Jesus Blue Water Jade Pendant is a serene testament to spiritual protection and eternal love, rendered in the beautiful depths of blue water jade.

Bail size: 6mm
Dimensions roughly: 0.5 x 2.3 in

Please keep in mind color and carving may vary among different jade stones.