Year of the Dragon Blue Water Jade Pendant


Zodiac Majesty: Year of the Dragon Blue Water Jade Pendant

Celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dragon with our Year of the Dragon Blue Water Jade Pendant. This exceptional piece is a tribute to one of the most powerful signs in the Chinese zodiac, beautifully realized in the serene and mystical hues of blue water jade.

  • Zodiac Significance: The Dragon, a symbol of strength, luck, and vitality in Chinese astrology, is celebrated for its dominance and ambition. This pendant captures the majestic spirit of the dragon year, offering not just beauty but also a connection to ancient wisdom and cosmic power.
  • Tranquil Blue Jade: Crafted from exquisite blue water jade, the pendant embodies the calming yet profound energy of water, reflecting the dragon's adaptability and wisdom. The jade's deep blue shades evoke a sense of tranquility and depth, enhancing the pendant's symbolic power.
  • Elegant Symbolism: Ideal for those born in the Year of the Dragon or anyone who admires the dragon's legendary attributes, this pendant is a sophisticated accessory that combines cultural heritage with the timeless elegance of jade. It's a piece that symbolizes personal strength, prosperity, and the flow of life's energies.

Honor the dynamic spirit and transformative power of the dragon. Let the Year of the Dragon Blue Water Jade Pendant be a beacon of your ambition, wisdom, and inherent strength.

Non-preset comes with a string rope.
Full package comes with a solid 18k yellow gold bail and a gold plated 20' rope chain. If purchased with a full package option please allow 10-14 days for bails to be made and shipped.

Color options: Blue Water

Bail size: 4mm
Dimensions roughly: 0.7 x 1.3 in

Please note that due to the natural variation in jade stones, differences in color and carving are to be expected. As a result, the item you receive may not be an exact match to the image shown, but it will be uniquely beautiful.